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Who: Batwoman
What: Discovering and investigating The Joker's handiwork
When: Early a.m.
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Heroes and Anti-heroes only
Warnings: None yet

The unnatural contortions of the corpses smiles gave a clear signal to anyone in Gotham: The Joker was back in town. She had been clear across the city investigating a jewel theft when the explosion happened. If only she had been there. Her heart weighed like a stone in her stomach. Vagrants. Father, wife, and children. With them lay the bodies of those sworn to protect. Men and women. All brave souls she had watched occasionally from the shadows or seen at crime scenes. If she didn't know better, she'd think that the madman could not possibly be more coldblooded, but he was no ordinary criminal.

People would wake up in the morning to find this on the news and they would be afraid. Her fists clenched and her teeth grit together behind her closed lips. She'd find him and if she didn't, one of the other heroes would and these people would be avenged before he reached Arkham.

"We'll do everything we can to stop him, Commisioner. I promise." She said to Gordon, before she swung to an adjacent building.

She prayed that promise was a prophecy. They had to stop him in time before more people would die or mourn their loved ones.

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"I told all you Bat-people what would happen," a voice said. Despite the early morning hours, it was still dark, Gotham itself encase in fog and shadow as ever. Red Hood used this to his advantage, staying in the shadows, unseen and unnoticed until he announced himself.

"You say you'll do everything you can to stop him, but we both know that's a lie." Enough shadows. Stepping out, he glared at Batwoman, gauging her with narrowed eyes. He'd seen the bodies, too. The instant his contacts had spoken to him about the surge in bodies, he'd had to return to Gotham. The Joker was no ordinary villain. Often times, people not of the core Bat-family underestimated him, and regardless of underestimating him or not, nobody understood what he was.

He wasn't insane. He wasn't a criminal in need of rehabilitation. He was a monster, and Jason knew that monsters needed to die.

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"You think I want to make a parade of his death? It's what the people deserve, but I'm not stupid." He moved slowly, deliberately, to the edge of the roof, looking down at the city below them. The Joker and those monsters like him were cancers destroying the city. Filth piled on top of filth, inspired by the monstrous leavings of a monstrous individual.

"Kill him, make sure he's dead, then bury him in an unmarked grave somewhere out at sea, or wherever. It's the least he deserves and you know it." The helmet hid his expression, but not his narrowed eyes as his gaze turned to Batwoman.

"Or will you just capture him again? Break a bone or two so he can't escape from Arkham for eight weeks. It doesn't change anything."

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"Iron Bat." The name was bitter to Jason's lips, and he spat it like a curse. "Don't even think about comparing me to him. I know what this city needs. I've seen its darkest point from its worst perspective, something none of you understand. I know better than anyone that a fractured leg and some broken ribs won't amount to shit where the Joker's concerned." Turning from Batwoman, he began to walk away. Team-ups were for capes, and he certainly wasn't that. Not anymore.

"You might just get your way," he said, "but only if you find him first." Something clattered to the vigilante's feet, and suddenly thick smoke obscured everything, even including small particles to deflect things like nightvision and thermoptics.

When the smoke cleared, Jason was nowhere to be seen ... but he could still be heard. "If I find the Joker-- when I find him, I'm making him pay for every death and crippling act on his hands one by one."