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Who: Mindy/Purple Haze
What: Relocating.
When: Early morning
Where: Metropolis
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Probably swearing.

The first thing Mindy did was break in to her old house. She had some money hidden under the floorboards of her bed and she took it all. All $10,000 of it. She put a few 5's, 10's and 20's in her pink kitten wallet then hid the rest in the false-bottom of her Dazzler backpack.

She came and left as quick as she could, taking just enough time to grab some handguns and some ammo. It hurt to see this place again, where her mother was murdered, where her father and her pledged to avenge her...

Mindy shook her head and left, no one the wiser.

She took a cab to the train station, and from there got a ticket to Metropolis. The ticket teller was a nosy son of a bitch.

"What's a little girl doing taking the train all by herself?" he asked with a friendly smile.

"I'm going to see my grandma and grandpa," she lied with a smile. "It's their birthday."

"Both of them?"

"Weird, huh?" She giggled and took her ticket, sitting down in a hard plastic chair. She waited until the train pulled up and they could all board. She had no luggage to check and kept her backpack close.

To pass the time, Mindy ran through tactical moves in her mind, self-defence steps, tai-chi, karate forms, the steps to putting together and dismantling a fire-arm, how to feather an arrow, how to unfold a butterfly knife with an intimidating flurry. Then she went through all that again, mentally.

The ride took days, even if it was an express train from coast to coast. She managed to take a few trips to the lunch car, no sense eating the provisions she brought, not when food presented itself. And the trips kept her from getting too stiff. She dozed on and off, just to make the ride shorter.

Finally they pulled into the station at Metropolis and she got off the train. The conductor tried to get her attention and ask about her grand parents but Mindy got lost in the crowd. She was good at disappearing.

She walked through the opulent station, stopped at a news stand then snatched a information pamphlet about Metropolis. She walked onto the bustling street, pamphlet open and she looked to the skyline. She could see the revolving globe atop the Daily Planet building, the towering skyscrapers, this city seemed to gleam like a jewel. It was very proud of itself, almost arrogant. It was totally not her style.

Which was why it was the perfect place for her to hide.

She only hoped there would be some crime to fight, after the days of sitting still, she was eager to bust some heads. Maybe she should have scuttled off to Gotham instead.

But first, she needed to find a place to stay...
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