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Who: Tony.
What: A lot.
When: Early morning.
Where: New York.
Interactions: Open
Warnings: TBA.

"Good evening Sir, you summoned the jet?" The voice from inside the black and silver bat jet was the all too familiar English accented voice of Jarvis. "You were scheduled to arrive home approximately two hours ago. According to my sensors at the mansion, your soup is cold."

Climbing into the jet, a fully armored Tony Wayne sat in the pilot seat, looking at the empty house that was actually home to Arkham Tower. "I had to see Doctor Strangefate." said a clean shaven Iron Bat. He was sure that if anyone knew about the world's current condition, the Mage Supreme would. "I'm not going back to the mansion Jarvis. There has to be something here in New York. Too many things triangulate here. Make arrangements for me to stay here, schedule visits for Wayne Resilient that don't interfere with my investigation." Switching the controls of the jet from A.I. to Manual, he took off.

"Very good Sir. Notifications have been left at the main offices of Wayne Resilient of New York as well as your personal accommodations therein. Is there anything else?"

There was a long pause as the jet flew over the clouds in the night sky. Finally the white light in the eyes of the back armored mask narrowed slightly. "No. I think I can find a gorgeous blonde on my own."

The smallest of smiles was visible on Tony's lips.


Morning had come abruptly as the sunlight filtered through the large windows of a luxurious suite at the top of Wayne Resilient. Tightly clenching his eyes for a moment before opening them, Tony's darted back and forth. From the bed he was in he could see a trail of female clothing on the pristine white carpet leading up to the foot of the bed. Under the sheets sleeping next to him was a blonde woman, likely a model as was his preference, and her name eluded him entirely. With silent finesse, Tony slid out of the bed and headed out of the room into an open living area with couches, foot rests, multiple televisions on the wall along with a bar. "Shower." he said as he walked past the room and through another door that led to an expansive bathroom. Being already naked, he walked into the water that had been running with hot water since the moment the word had left his lips.

"What did you do with the fake me?"

Jarvis' voice, crisp as ever answered "The Life Model Decoy that has been performing your 'minor' duties at Wayne Resilient has been decommissioned and put in stasis last night Sir. It will be ready to continue activity at your request and has every media channel in full belief that Anthony Wayne and the Iron Bat are two very separate people."

Listening to the usual response, Tony had washed himself and begun drying off. "Good. Set my official arrival at the company for noon. Oh, and clean" he motioned in the direction of the bedroom "all of that up." he said.

Minutes later he walked out of the bathroom, clothes materializing on him. A dark red silk shirt covered by a black sports coat paired with black slacks and crimson shoes. When the elevator doors opened he walked out giving a smile and smart nod at a woman who had just passed it. She froze in disbelief as he continued on. A young man on a cell phone dropped his briefcase upon seeing the owner of the company suddenly appearing at Wayne Resilient in New York.

"Don't worry, you didn't get the memo because there wasn't one." Tony said still smiling and pointing both fingers at him. He swiftly walked past the young intern at the desk nearby the main entrance/exit to the building. "Don't get up, I'll let myself out." chimed Tony as the doors opened smoothly and automatically. Fishing sunglasses out of the pocket of his sports coat, he snapped them on and began simply walking into the streets of New York keeping an eye out for breakfast options. After having been out most of the night and missing dinner, Tony definitely needed some food. For thought of course. Who could conduct a competent investigation on an empty stomach?

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