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Who: Deadpool and Red Hood
What: Hunting
When: Late night
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Red Hood, Batwoman
Warnings: Language, violence

Deadpool wasn't sure if he loved or hated Gotham. It was creepy and dark as the bottom of Satan's Mexican-food laced diarrhea but it was crazy enough with it's Two-Faces and Penguins and Riddlers...One was certain...

This town had Zsasz!

No, it really did! He escaped Arkham again.

Deadpool was crouched on the Gotham monorail, circling the city at a break-neck speed. It was the best way to get a competent view of the surroundings, though to a normal person it looked only a huge brown and grey blur.

Deadpool was far from normal.

"Where are you, you little euphemism for girly bits..."
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