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Who: Iron Maiden
What: breaking into Fates Tower
When: Durring the Carnival
Where: Tower of Strangefate
Interactions: Open to anyone NOT currently at the Carnival who'd like to be part of the strike team
Warnings: Crazy magicks

This had been quite a plan. From the conveniences of the Charity Carnival and the near limitless power of the Carrier they had worked out the perfect time to infiltrate Strangefate's tower. 'They', being Pepper and Angie. Pepper hadn't been able to convince Tony that Strangefate had done something to him. So she's played it smart and let him go to the Carnival to meet up with Karen Starr to talk business. Of course that meant that Oracle couldn't come along on this either. Her absence would more likely than not grab the Dark Avenger's attention. The people who were coming along this time had all been contacted with the details of the time of departure. And should be preparred for a door to open wherever they were which would converge on the interior of the Tower.

From there, they had to look for any prisoners that may or may not be awaiting Amalgamation inside the tower. And after that...they could finally pay a visit to Strangefate himself and hopefully discover just what was going on.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the access she and Pepper had been granted to the Carrier and it's systems. Which in turn had given Angie access to technology that whe could integrate into her nanites that created a kind of Magic-proof shell around her. And the people she was bringing along as well. She had decided to incorperate the feature into the technology she used for Radiotelepathy.

Just a little longer and...

"Door; Strangefates Towers lower level".

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