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Who: Ghost Rider
When: Late, late night. Early, early morning.
What: Dispensing divine punishment.
Where: New York.
Interactions: Open.
Warnings: PG-13. T for Teen.

"There was so much to be done." thought Ghost Rider as he snapped his outstretched chain back to him. At the end of it was a middle aged man in a suit with an expensive looking overcoat, his glasses flew off his face, his orange hair and moustache were tousled as he was suddenly yanked back and his hands were at his neck, his fingers trying to pry the chain off. Amidst the man's choked moans and cries for help he was lifted slowly into the air by the chain itself and suddenly he stopped struggling entirely. A mere few inches from his face was an angry, flaming skull. Sweat started to form on his forehead, partly from the intense heat, most of it by fear. However, it became much worse when he heard the words that followed.

"Roy McCullet. Vengeance has finally caught up with you. The murder of your former business partner Scott Jenser for your own greed has not gone forgotten."

Watching the skull talk was one thing, but when it said things he had never told anyone, things he had been acquitted and found innocent of was enough to let the man find his voice again to scream.

"That's not what I wanted to hear." said Ghost Rider. This time he was going to try what his host, Johnny Blaze had suggested. Something to let the deceased's family know that vengeance had been served. "Now hold on, this is going to be a hell of a ride." Hellfire formed at his feet and formed a motorcycle that couldn’t have been made outside of a hellacious nightmare. Wheels that were the only part that was still fire started to turn and the engine, if there was one, roared like the howl of an angry beast and Roy was flying through the air behind the bike. Flames came dangerously close to his head and he screamed in absolute terror as he was dragged behind it, the chain still wrapped about his neck. If he wasn't frightened beyond belief at this apparition and it's tormenting of him he might have questioned why he hadn't choked to death. The ground below him changed angles and he realized that he was being driven upwards, on the side of a building. Not just any building, the one that housed his business where he had become CEO shortly after his business partner's death. "No, stop, STOP!" he yelled at the hellish figure in front of him. One gloved hand was holding the chain; the other gripped the handlebars of the motorcycle. The plea was met with shards of glass from windows that were breaking under the blazing wheels. He writhed in pain as the small bits of glass dug into his face. Cries falling on deaf ears, the Ghost Rider continued cycling up the building until they reached the top. Clearing the edge, the bike soared quietly into the air, a moment of no gravity at all as the businessman looked down. As quick as it happened, it stopped and he found himself falling back down.

With a loud thwump, he hit the roof and after taking a few moments to gain his senses he tried to get up. Snaking around his ankles, that chain stopped him from doing so, and it didn't stop there. Crawling its way around his body until all but his face was covered in chains and once again he was face to face with that hideous visage, the fiery ghost that knew his greatest, and now feared, secret.

"I know you killed Scott Jenser, you can never hide from your sins." said the ghastly voice that echoed from the skull that stared at him. "Tell me what you did to Scott. Confess your sins to me McCullet, before I take you for another ride. This will be your only chance to do so." said that voice, so menacingly but there wasn't any lie or falsity to it.

"Okay, okay!" he said, blood streaming down his face from where the glass cut in. Parts of his moustache and eyebrows were striped with red. Under the Ghost Rider's full attention the man went into full detail of how they started their business, how they were making money, how he wanted more than fifty percent of their dealings, how he killed his partner, all in minute detail. When the image of hell stands before someone and demands words, those words tend to spill forth like water. When he was done he meekly asked "Will you let me go?" his voice weak, tired, and strained, his tears mixing in with the blood.

"One last thing." said Ghost Rider as the chain lifted Roy's entire body to eye level once more. "Feel what you have wrought upon the innocent. Face your penance!" hollered Ghost Rider, his voice ripping through the night like a serrated blade through someone’s heart. McCullet's eyes opened wider then they ever have before as he witnessed, heard, felt, experienced what he had done in those black, empty eye sockets. When there was nothing, not even blinking, the chain fully released the now catatonic figure. From his jacket pocket, Ghost Rider's gloved hand drew a tape recorder and laid it on the lap of the drooling man that had once killed for his own gain. Knowing that he would be found in the morning when the trail of broken windows to the roof would be investigated, Ghost Rider mounted his motorcycle and drove off the edge of the roof, freefalling onto the street below.

There was so much to be done.

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