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Who: Cir-El
What: Surveying the damage
When: After Ghost Rider
Where: New York
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None so far

There were scorch marks everywhere. When Cir-El had gotten the message from Oracle about the damage she'd thought of the streets and maybe some shop windows. However as the woman hovered several stories up and looked at the cracked, broken, burned, and melted glass streaking a visible black trail up the side of the building; she realized she had greatly underestimated the situation. "And this was all a motorcycle?" She muttered to herself before finally heading back down to the sidewalk to get the sit rep from the police and firemen located down below. The day was clear and almost cloudless. And seemed an odd contrast to what she was looking at.

And even stranger still; the only victim was a single man whom records had turned up for exposing him as a murderer a liar. A corrupt business man who had killed his partner in order to gain sole ownership of their company.

"Curiouser and curiouser" The woman muttered to herself as she finished taking everything in. Wherever the flaming skull headed man was he wasn't showing himself during the day. So long nights seemed to be ahead of her. "Do you think you can find him Superwoman?" The police officer asked; jerking her out of her private contemplation abruptly. "I'll do my best and don't have to call me that you know". She said raising her hands and turning slightly red with embarrassement. She hadn't even considered a working name up to that point. All she knew was she didn't want people calling her 'girl' all of the time.

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