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Who: Barbara
What: Getting up
When: Mid morning
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

Barbara groaned as she turned her head, seeing that she'd slept in for the nth time. She still felt groggy and as the red haired woman pulled herself out of bed she had to wonder if she wasn't spending too much time on the Carrier monitoring missions and mission data. Slipping into a pair of comfortable pants and pulling a t-shirt over her head. Barbara made her way over to the bathroom, brushing her teeth and taking care of her morning rituals before finally turning her mind to the thoughts of the day. Which mainly consisted of wondering what she wanted to have for breakfast and planning to head to the Carrier and scan for more leftover effects from the battle with Dr. Strangefate.

Halfway down the stairs the realization hit her and she froze in her tracks. Body shaking, Barbara collapsed in the stairwell, tears streaming down her face as she cupped her hand over her mouth. Unable to move from that spot the woman stayed where she was, staring down at herself.

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