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Who: Ghost Rider
What: Poetic Justice
When: Morning’s twilight
Where: New York
Interactions: Open
Warnings: N/A

"As always, it is the darkest before the dawn." said the haunting voice of Ghost Rider. Standing on a pier of the Hudson River he turned his skull from the horizon where the sun would soon rise from to look at the woman his gloved hand held by the throat just over the edge of the pier above the water. The only light that was reflected in the water was the fire from his blazing skull and his hellish motorcycle that was just behind him, its flames harmlessly flickering against the wooden pier. "I know what you have done all those years ago Kate." Those empty eye sockets locked on her as he said "As does your deceased twin sister. She is how I know that you were the one who drowned her in this river all those years ago. You may elude punishment from the law of men but you cannot escape your due judgment. Confess your sins to me." demanded the fiery specter in a dangerous tone.

The woman was young, probably 23 years old. Her brown hair was a mess and was halfway done in a bun. She had been dragged from her home considering the trail of cracked pavement and wisps of flame that lead to the conflagrant wheels of his bike and that she was wearing a faded grey shirt and pink pajama pants. "Please" she pleaded, tears running down her face." I was a child, I didn't know-"

"Do not lie to me!" he roared, his voice caused the water to ripple angrily. All of them have tried to deny the truth. Liars until the bitter end. "You knew what you were doing Kate. So did your sister. Jennifer never lived her innocent life because of you." again he looked at her, waiting for her to do as he asked before he gave his Penance Stare. "Confess your sins to me."

She screamed "Help me! Please, someone, HELP MEEE!"

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