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Who: Rogue
What: Moving back in
When: Late Morning
Where: Jean Grey School, Westchester NY
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

The morning had been cold. This was February after all. But as the sun rose higher into the slightly cloudy sky things were starting to warm just a little bit. The school looked to be in decent condition considering there hadn't been anyone taking care of things for a while. She surveyed the situation as the cab pulled away from the curb. Her bags lined up on the sidewalk just outside the Jean Grey school. A small rumble let the woman know that the would need to buy some extra fertilizer for the grounds. And then a breeze kicked up. Carrying small brown leaves from the walkway and rustling through the back of her auburn hair and across the stark white locks in front.

The whole thing made Rogue feel small and terribly nostalgic. She could remember when this school was named for Xavier. When the place was less technologically advanced and the things she had seen and done and felt while living under the stately roof. The place needed to be looked after by someone. And she supposed she was as good a person as any. With a smile she lifted the first of her bags up and made her way down the walk toward the main building. Finding herself incredibly thankful that the craziness that had been plaguing the world the last few years had somehow managed to avoid the school this time.

Once all her luggage had been moved inside Rogue made her way hastily to the Headmaster/Mistress' office. File in hand, she reluctantly planted herself behind the desk and opened the manilla folder up; examining the contents with a little disappointment.

So far there were no acceptances in her mailed out invitations for potential staff members. Although Angela Irons had agreed to be a part-time lecturer on advanced nano science, physics, and most of the things that Henry would probably understand better than Rogue did. She was still awaiting a few other recipients though so Rogue held out hope.

Please don' let Deadpool try to apply again Lord. That's all Ah ask The woman pleaded as her first day in charge began.