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Who: Joseph.
What: Quest for precious metals.
When: Midday
Where: British Columbia, Canada
Interactions: Yuriko
Warnings: N/A

Snow gently fell from the gray sky. More and more snow had begun to fall since the early morning to where it was hard to see anything else. Eventually the heavy snowfall would turn into a blizzard. Maybe that night, maybe the day after. Such things like the weather were of little consequence to the man. He was in the air, a few feet above the snow laden ground. A spherical barrier encompassed him that was practically transparent except for a tinge of what looked like purple electricity. Not a fleck of snow had touched him. All was quiet.

Floating amidst the torrent of white, Joseph extended his hands out before him and there was a rumbling noise that came from the ground. Through the snow covered dirt the corners of a cement doorway arose, a solid metal door with no handle was in the center of it. Motioning with his hand, Joseph made to grab it despite how far away he was. As he did so the door loudly closed in on itself, as if a giant’s hand had crushed it. Thrusting his arm aside, the door snapped off its hinges and was hurled away making a far off noise accompanied by a crack on the frozen Alkali lake in the distance. Descending down into the doorway that faced the sky, Joseph touched down on the innards of the formerly underground facility. His violet cape covered his shoulders when his electromagnetic barrier disappeared and he peered through his helmet at the dimly lit hallway. Metal walkways and railings were bent, broken and covered by ice; water that had frozen over time from once being flooded. Then he began to walk and the walkway broke through the ice, reconnecting the broken pieces with each step he took. Sounds of metal creaking and clanking into place and breaking ice echoed off the stone walls. Lights flickered on and off until he passed and when he did copper wires that had been cut by adamantium claws so long ago reconnected themselves.

All this steel was welcome to the master of magnetism, but it was not what he had come for. Continuing his trek through the once abandoned building his boot crushed the skull of a human skeleton that lay on a circular walkway. Former military personnel judging by the ragged and worn camo clothes. That is when he could strongly sense the presence of his target.

"Finally." said Joseph to no one when he ripped another door asunder and walked into a huge room filled with equipment designed to monitor and regulate-

"Adamantium." Joseph relished the word as he looked at the stores of the precious metal. The smile that was coming to his face was halted when he looked into a tub of frozen water. Someone was inside and they had the metal inside them. Indulging his curiosity, Joseph magnetically lifted the metal door that was lying in the entrance. The door floated towards the frozen tub and Joseph sectioned the sturdy material into small metal orbs. In a violent cyclone of shining metal, they shot through the ice and glass with incredible precision, not a single one touched the woman that was inside. When she was freed, the steel orbs fell to the floor and scattered away. Holding her in the air with his powers, Joseph moved her to him until he was holding her with one arm.

Holding his other hand in the air before her, Joseph concentrated. Focusing, he summoned the excess adamantium throughout her body that was not bonded to her bones. Metallic liquid poured forth from her mouth, nose, and eyes, coalescing in his open palm, slowly enlarging until the very last drop left her. The fresh ball of liquid adamantium left his hand and joined another deposit of the metal that wasn't too far away from them.

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