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Who: Eve
What: Settling in
When: around noon
Where: Metropolis
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

The young woman took a look around the apartment building she was standing in with a look of approval. She gave her stomach a small pat and brushed some locks of red hair back behind her ear recalling how nice the building attendant had been to offer to help her arrange the place. She'd had to decline of course but that was fine. One of the nice things about having this kind of power was her ability to make normally extrenuous chores into very light work. Now that everything was set and stable Eve felt a little peckish and so did the life growing inside of her. So she put her new keys away in her purse and took the elevator down to the first floor where she crossed the bright checkerboard patterned tiles of the foire and stepped out onto the busy Metropolis sidewalk.

Reaching into her purse Eve retrieved the map she'd been given on the ride over bye an extremely enthusiastic woman who had been sitting next to her on the flight. A nice sort of person but maybe only in small doses. The map was proving useful now though and she'd already used it to locate her new home (the apartment complex) and the woman had circled a few points of interest such as restaurants and clothing stores. Now with a direction in mind Eve began her adventurous walk to a cafe marked as being just a few blocks away.

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