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Who: Avery
What: Making her way still
When: early morning
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Awkward and cranky weapon

Do it anyway )
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The power dampener dealt with and the golems defeated, Angie and her strike freed Access and with that one act the battle suddenly shifted in their favor. Heading to the most private section of the tower, where Strangefate awaited them. By now he was furious. His plans faltering, his minions defeated. And Towering Cait thoroughly occupied at the Carnival by Sarah Rainmaker, Cir-El, and The Iron Bat.

With Jackie’s shadows and Angies Nanites subduing Strangefate, Access approached the man and finally was able to do what he was meant to do all along. He used his special ability to wrest the three components of Strangefate apart from each other once more. Freeing first Dr. Strange, then Dr. Fate and Professor Xavier.

Released from each other, the three lost consciousness as they were flung back to their separate homes and lives. Likely never to remember what had occurred there on that night.

With Strangefate dealt with, Caitlin too gave a sudden shriek and collapsed mere moments later. She too had been freed from the forced Amalgamation that Strangefate had performed. She was follwed soon by Iron Bat and in the distant Carrier Pepper Gordon as well.

In the end only those who had chosen their forms from the outset of the merge were left untouched. The strike team found themselves standing outside Dr. Strange’s Mansion in New York, as the tower no longer existed. Once again separated into Fates Tower and the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The world breathes a sigh of relief as another crisis is averted.
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Who: Iron Maiden
What: breaking into Fates Tower
When: Durring the Carnival
Where: Tower of Strangefate
Interactions: Open to anyone NOT currently at the Carnival who'd like to be part of the strike team
Warnings: Crazy magicks

In a situation like this one, stealth is almost a waste of time )
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Who: The Maxx and Mr. Showman
What: Talking
When: Late night
Where: New York
Interactions: Mr. Showman, Open
Warnings: Maybe some swearing?

Cardboard makes for a poor bed )

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