atomic_pink: (Casual Eve)
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Who: Eve
What: Settling in
When: around noon
Where: Metropolis
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

A new city, a new start )
purplehazegirl: (Bench Press)
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Who: Mindy/Purple Haze
What: Relocating.
When: Early morning
Where: Metropolis
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Probably swearing.

The first thing Mindy did was break in to her old house. )
theotherspeedy: (Default)
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Who: Mia Dearden/Speedy and Jason Todd/Red Hood
What: Rooftop Meeting
When: Late Night
Where: Rooftop of Mia's building
Interactions: Jason and Mia
Warnings: It's Jason. And Mia. Probably swearing.

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid )