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Who: Everyone
What: 2nd Annual Carnival and Date Auction Charity Benefit
When: the week of July 4th
Where: Gotham
Interactions: OPEN
Warnings: This is an open event thread. Thread jacking, hopping, character romance, violence, and any and all things in between are possible. (But if you're going to do some private intimate things please make a separate thread about it)

The first most noticeable thing was the lights. In a perpetually dreary place like Gotham they could stay on no matter the time of day, casting a warm glow all about the streets and parks that had been connected to create the Charity Carnival. The streets were opened up during the day so that people could get to and from work, then in the evening they were blocked off so that pedestrians could meander about freely withoiut worrying about the cross walks. But whether in cars or on foot; they could always see the lights.

In the inter connected parks scattered around the Wayne Resilient tower there were myriad attractions:

Boothes where games could be played for prizes,
Foods of all kinds (mostlly either fried or sugar coated),
and even a small section where locals had rented tables to sell arts and crafts that had been hand made.

And at the center of it all was the Wayne Resilient tower which contained a 5 star restaurant that was the staging area for the Celebrity Date Auction to be held later in the week.

Even the first two floors of the building had been repurposed into a kind of exhibit featuring current and upcoming Waynetech devices designed to improve the lives of the people who used them. Including the prototype for a brand new line of Waynetech smart cars. The event was in honor of the 4th of July but the entire week had been scheduled and included things like live music, fire breathers, gymnasts and a petting zoo.

And on the night of the 4th of course; a fantastic fireworks display arranged by Wayne Resilient with another new innovation of theirs; safe fireworks. Specially designed for sound and color and burst with no heat behind it to endanger fireworks handlers or civilians.

With everything that had been planned and all the staffing involved it was truly looking to be a week to remember.

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