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May. 25th, 2012 01:06 am
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Like any Hero-based world, our History is riddled with continuity tweaks and retcons. However, the story can be found here for those who are curious.
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Who: Eve
What: Settling in
When: around noon
Where: Metropolis
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

A new city, a new start )
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Who: Joseph.
What: Quest for precious metals.
When: Midday
Where: British Columbia, Canada
Interactions: Yuriko
Warnings: N/A

United they stood. )
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Who: Avery
What: Making her way still
When: early morning
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Awkward and cranky weapon

Do it anyway )
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Who: Rogue
What: Moving back in
When: Late Morning
Where: Jean Grey School, Westchester NY
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

It all comes back around eventually )
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Who: Ghost Rider
What: Poetic Justice
When: Morning’s twilight
Where: New York
Interactions: Open
Warnings: N/A

By the break of day. )
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Who: Barbara
What: Getting up
When: Mid morning
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

Nothin gonna slow me down oh no )
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Who: Jackie Estacado
What: Going back.
When: Sometime after the Strangfate event
Where: Gotham City
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Language.

Jackie hadn't been feeling himself, not since the whole...whatever the fuck. People he knew, or thought he knew, just ...change. Or ceased to be altogether. He didn't know which was worse.

He was walking along the loading dock, hoping to reclaim some normalcy, some familiarity...something, anything... With any luck he could get back his property from the GCPD and reopen his club. He bought it fair and square, completely legit and if it wasn't for that fucking psycho's bomb threat it would be business as usual.

He stopped walking and stared at the empty paved lot that was in place of where his casino used to be.

It wasn't just quarantined by yellow police tape. It was gone, like it never existed at all.

"Aw, what the FUCK!?"
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Who: Cir-El
What: Surveying the damage
When: After Ghost Rider
Where: New York
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None so far

Sunshine and Destruction )
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Who: Angie and Tony
What: Having their first meeting in a while
When: Afternoon
Where: New York (initially)
Interactions: None
Warnings: Tony's mind is about to be blown >D

Look away for a second and everything changes )
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Who: Ghost Rider
When: Late, late night. Early, early morning.
What: Dispensing divine punishment.
Where: New York.
Interactions: Open.
Warnings: PG-13. T for Teen.

No rest for the wicked. Ever. )


Dec. 22nd, 2012 06:02 pm
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Who: Mindy Walker-Hayes
What: Self-exploration
When: A few days after talking with Midnighter
Where: Jason's apartment
Interactions: Jason Todd
Warnings: Language.

Retcon! )
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The power dampener dealt with and the golems defeated, Angie and her strike freed Access and with that one act the battle suddenly shifted in their favor. Heading to the most private section of the tower, where Strangefate awaited them. By now he was furious. His plans faltering, his minions defeated. And Towering Cait thoroughly occupied at the Carnival by Sarah Rainmaker, Cir-El, and The Iron Bat.

With Jackie’s shadows and Angies Nanites subduing Strangefate, Access approached the man and finally was able to do what he was meant to do all along. He used his special ability to wrest the three components of Strangefate apart from each other once more. Freeing first Dr. Strange, then Dr. Fate and Professor Xavier.

Released from each other, the three lost consciousness as they were flung back to their separate homes and lives. Likely never to remember what had occurred there on that night.

With Strangefate dealt with, Caitlin too gave a sudden shriek and collapsed mere moments later. She too had been freed from the forced Amalgamation that Strangefate had performed. She was follwed soon by Iron Bat and in the distant Carrier Pepper Gordon as well.

In the end only those who had chosen their forms from the outset of the merge were left untouched. The strike team found themselves standing outside Dr. Strange’s Mansion in New York, as the tower no longer existed. Once again separated into Fates Tower and the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The world breathes a sigh of relief as another crisis is averted.
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Who: Iron Maiden
What: breaking into Fates Tower
When: Durring the Carnival
Where: Tower of Strangefate
Interactions: Open to anyone NOT currently at the Carnival who'd like to be part of the strike team
Warnings: Crazy magicks

In a situation like this one, stealth is almost a waste of time )
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Who: Deadpool and Red Hood
What: Hunting
When: Late night
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Red Hood, Batwoman
Warnings: Language, violence

It's like HALO, but with more red. )
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Who: Purple Haze
What: Questions
When: Late at night, weeks after the carnival
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Midnighter
Warnings: Possible language.

Questions... )
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Who: Jason Todd (The Red Hood) and Mindy Walker-Hayes (Purple Haze)
What: Jason's nightmares once again get the better of him. He shares awkward bonding time with Mindy.
When: Middle of the night, maybe some time after one in the morning.
Where: Red Hood's Gotham apartment
Interactions: Closed.
Warnings: Language, recalled violence for now. Will update as needed.

Every night it started the same. )
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Who: Everyone
What: 2nd Annual Carnival and Date Auction Charity Benefit
When: the week of July 4th
Where: Gotham
Interactions: OPEN
Warnings: This is an open event thread. Thread jacking, hopping, character romance, violence, and any and all things in between are possible. (But if you're going to do some private intimate things please make a separate thread about it)

Even Gotham becomes less horrible when there's a Carnival in town )
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Who: Tony.
What: A lot.
When: Early morning.
Where: New York.
Interactions: Open
Warnings: TBA.

Doing things just to please his crowd )
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Who: Mindy/Purple Haze
What: Relocating.
When: Early morning
Where: Metropolis
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Probably swearing.

The first thing Mindy did was break in to her old house. )
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Who: Batwoman
What: Discovering and investigating The Joker's handiwork
When: Early a.m.
Where: Gotham
Interactions: Heroes and Anti-heroes only
Warnings: None yet

The unnatural contortions of the corpses smiles gave a clear signal to anyone in Gotham: The Joker was back in town )

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