Dec. 22nd, 2012 06:02 pm
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Who: Mindy Walker-Hayes
What: Self-exploration
When: A few days after talking with Midnighter
Where: Jason's apartment
Interactions: Jason Todd
Warnings: Language.

The three girls sat cross-legged in a circle, staring at one another. They all looked vaguely similar, with long brown hair and big eyes and noses with a strong bridge, but their eyes were different colours, their hair different styles, one of them wore a hat in the likeness of a panda.

"We knew this was going to happen as soon as Strangefate was defeated," Said Molly Walker, the most timid of the three. "...I knew."

"So what? We just keep on doin' what we do." Said Mindy McReady, Hit-girl. "Together, the three of us kick the fuckin' asses of any shit suckin' gangster that comes our way."

"Swears," Molly Hayes, the girl in the hat, said. "And I don't know that we have a choice."

Walker said "If we split apart, our life as we know it as Purple Haze will be gone. Our memories of our parents...our friends."

"We don't have friends," Hit-Girl said.

"Power Girl!" Molly Hayes said loudly. "And the Midnighter! And Jason!"

At that last name, they all fell silent, each girl feeling her cheeks redden but hoping the other girls wouldn't notice.

"So, we're trading three realities for one," Molly Walker said. "And none of these realities are particularly good ones."

"Fuck it," Announced Hit-Girl. "I'll be the first to say it. I like having the powers. I think we can do a lot of good this way."

The other two girls squirmed, but it was pretty obvious they agreed with her, but were too pussy to admit it.

"We do make an awesome team," Molly Hayes said reluctantly. "And I like the name Purple Haze. Kinda ready to grow up now, though."

"Being a kid has it's advantages that I'm super strong I kinda have to agree with you, kid." Hit-girl said. Molly Walker just nodded.

There was a moment of silence, unannounced but it was known that it was for their respective histories.

Molly Hayes was the first to break the silence. " do we do this?"

"I think we all have to choose to do it." Walker said. "So do we?"

"Yep!" Chirped Molly Hayes.

"Fuck yeah!" cried Hit-Girl.

Walker nodded and the three girls stacked hands, one over the other.

Mindy Walker-Hayes was curled up in a ball, the couch felt more narrow than she was used to, her feet kept kicking the arm rest and she couldn't stretch out properly. She grimaced and tried to tuck her hands under her chin but her boobs were in the way.
...wait, what?

Mindy's eyes snapped open and she sat up, her toes stubbing against the floor as it came up way sooner than she expected. She felt gangling and weird and boy was her sleeping t-shirt tight.
She looked down at herself, seeing shapely, bare thighs and elegant hands. She ran to the bathroom and stared at the woman staring back.

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